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USA Fight Club Allies & Partners

These Allies and Partners work with the Fight Club to improve the adaptive thinking and decision making skills of the professional wargaming community of practice. Thank you for your support!

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Whether it’s a social media crisis, cyber attack or physical incident – use our simulation and training software to prepare your team in the best possible way to deal with the diverse threats of a digitized and globalized world.


Mad Scientist is a U.S. Army initiative and a community of action that continually explores the future through collaborative partnerships and continuous dialogue with academia, industry and government. Through this initiative, the Army shapes future multi-domain (i.e., Land, Air, Sea, Cyber, and Space) operations in its role as a thought leader in the future of warfare. The program consists of an All Partners Access Network (APAN) community of action, a monthly on-line speaker series, conferences with world class experts at the Nation’s premier academic institutions, and now, this blog — envisioning the Operational Environment!


Improbable U.S. Defense & National Security is a subsidiary of the London-based global technology company, Improbable. Like our counterparts in the U.K., we enable synthetic environments that help our partners integrate operational planning, collective training and decision support across organizations at every level.


[dstl] is an executive agency of the UK Ministry of Defence (MOD) providing world class expertise and delivering cutting-edge science and technology for the benefit of the nation and allies.

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The Innovation Hub is the place where experts collaborate and design solutions meeting NATO challenges. By bringing together people with different backgrounds or perspectives, the Innovation Hub generates a better understanding of the issues, and fosters innovation.

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